"My compositions have always had a feeling of journey and mystery to them, giving me a sense of escapism. Navigating my career towards film scoring was therefore the obvious choice. It is exhilarating and inspiring to consider the limitless possibilities in writing music for picture. I am fascinated by the way subtle changes in a score can be used to enhance, or even transform, the emotion, story or meaning of the moving image."

Ben is an award-winning composer based in the UK specialising in writing for Film, TV and Games. By combining inspiration from minimalist/modern classical to progressive/ambient techno, Ben crafts intimate and immersive scores, full of emotion which brings a professional and distinguished sound to any project he works on.

Ben graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2016 after securing the David Thompson Prize for outstanding academic achievements. By delving straight into the independent film industry, working on a wide variety of shorts, Ben was able to rapidly expand his experience as a composer.

Since then Ben has written scores for over 20 films and documentaries; from shorts to features, all varying in genre. Many of these have had great success in film festivals all over the world, with The Right Choice premiering at the world famous SUNDANCE film festival in 2018 and Mary Anning being long-listed for a BAFTA in 2019. In 2020 Ben won BEST ORIGINAL SCORE at the London Independent Film Awards for his score of the short film Odyssey Omega. 


In 2018 Ben released his debut solo piano album, Glimpses. The process allowed Ben to express and develop his own harmonic style. He is continuing this with a second, more experimental album which implements subtle, natural and instrumental recordings to create a more atmospheric and immersive experience. You can hear this transition in sound in his 2019 single release Dolour.

As well as writing full orchestral and intimate piano based scores, Ben also uses his experience with synths to explore and create exciting and unique soundscapes. You can hear this in on of his latest scores to the film Contenders by Rebecca King.


"I have worked with Ben on my last three films, he is undoubtedly one of my closest collaborators and a supremely gifted composer. From the moment I met Ben in 2016 and listened to his work, I knew I had to work with him. Ben has this profound ability of interpreting the sometimes incoherent feelings and ideas I pose to him, he elevates them by creating work that honestly always takes my breath away. His knowledge and mastery of musical language and form is astounding and evident in all the films he has worked on, he has such a diverse and prolific body of work that clearly demonstrates his passion and talent. I am so lucky to have met Ben and so grateful that he has profoundly impacted the films I have made, his music transcends my work and takes it to deeper, unprecedented heights."

Tomisin Adepeju, Film Director

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