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UK | SHORT | SCI-FI / DRAMA | 2019

Set in the north of England, Contenders follows a group of young people arriving at a mysterious gateway – all on the brink of crossing into an uncertain future.

In Association with PINEWOOD STUDIOS

Writer / Director | Rebecca King

Producer | Cate Barr & Tian Boyce

Composer | Ben Stanbridge

 IMDb                        Cast | Titana Muthui | Raghad Chaar | Nebli Basani 


Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019

Leeds International Film Festival 2019

"Contenders was a huge joy for me to work on. I have a strong passion for the sci-fi genre and love the mystery and wonder it can create. These feelings are what really inspired my score and by mixing deep synths with natural and organic sounds I feel I was able to create one of my favourite scores to date"


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