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UK | SHORT | DRAMA | 2021

The film follows a 22-year-old black woman on her own coming of age journey into pregnancy/motherhood. Reluctant to accept her new found state, she finds her self on a wandering night out that makes her question her morality, being a single mother and views on fatherhood and expectations of such.


                                          Cast | Titana Muthui | Raghad Chaar | Nebli Basani 

Writer / Director | Rashida Seriki

Producer | Kareem Adeshina

Composer | Ben Stanbridge


BFI Official Selection 2021

"There were only 2 scenes that needed original score in the film Colby. These were crucial in being able to lift and portray a deeper feeling and understanding of the character. The first cue starts with a somber and bitterness. This then develops into spontaneous freedom, which I portrayed with the use of live gospel male vocals and ethinc flutes, this uplifting feeling soon mellows again though as her reality sets in.


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